Project steps


Tech stack:

Django 3.2, 4.0
django rest-framework

Estimated Build Time:

4 Hours

The perfect place to build a full featured e-commerce web application where you can buy and sell photos for real! This is a production ready app that will take your portfolio to a new level! You'll be able to build a modern web app to sell photos, or any digital good you're wishing to sell.

Features (V1.0):

  • Cart page and add to cart functionality
  • Paypal payment integration
  • Marking photos with a text of your choice
  • Profile with a list of owned images for simple Users
  • Instant add to cart (without page refresh)
  • Token Authentication (login, register and logout)
  • Instant moving between pages (without page refresh)
  • Images listing
  • Search functionality
  • Restricting pages
  • $20.00

    + audio/video calls to solve any of your issues.